Anger-Based Parenting and Children’s Mental Health


Parenting styles are unique to each parent, as they are rooted in emotions, beliefs, and intentions of what will be best for their children. However, some parents use violent parenting styles that may affect the mental health of children, like how abusive parents create children with personality disorders.

However, some parents use anger to fuel their parenting styles. More likely, they are the parents who are irritated easily when their children make a mistake and shout or yell at their children as a form of discipline. Sadly, it leaves a negative impact on the mental health of children, and they may need mental health services in Denver, Colorado.

Using anger as a tool to parent children has numerous consequences on the children, such as:

  • Decreased Trust

    Children who experience prolonged anger issues from their parents can slowly erode their trust. As a result, their children may become hesitant to communicate or seek help from their parents with anger issues.
  • Mirrored Behavior

    Children learn from their parents. If parents use anger as a part of their parenting strategies, their children may think that anger is a normal and healthy behavior, and they may adopt similar behavior as they grow up.
  • Increased Risk of Mental Health Issues

    Parenting styles affect the mental health of children. Parents who yell or scream at their children due to anger issues will negatively impact the mental health of their children. Long-term mental health issues caused by parenting with anger are treated with a recovery program in Colorado.

If you are a parent with anger issues, do not allow them to affect your children. Rely on a Medicaid provider, and contact us at Spanish Clinic LLC. Receive the best possible anger management help from us.

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