Common Signs of Substance Abuse in Adults


There are many misconceptions about individuals with substance abuse. Undeniably, there is a stigma about it. In most cases, family members are the first to notice the early signs of substance abuse. What are these common signs? Read more below.

  • Changes in physical appearance.
    Some physical changes include bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, abnormal puffiness, sudden weight loss/gain, etc. These physical signs may look alarming to other family members. That’s why it would be best to talk to your loved one and encourage them to join in recovery planning or other programs they can benefit from. When communicating with them, make sure to be kind and avoid judgments.
  • Loss of interest
    Loss of interest is a drastic effect of substance abuse. The drug affects the brain, making the substance abuser complacent about the things they enjoy doing, like their hobbies. Watch out for this sign! If you think it’s challenging to encourage your loved ones to focus on their interests again, a recovery program in Colorado may help them.
  • Mood swings
    Has your calm and collected loved one suddenly turned into a hyper and manic person? It could be a sign of substance abuse. If you’re worried about this, seek a professional that provides mental health services in Denver, Colorado, for help and guidance.

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