Recognizing the Dangers of Drinking and Driving


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 37 individuals in the United States lose their lives in drunk-driving accidents every day—equating to one lost life every 39 minutes. We find the situation alarming at Spanish Clinic LLC; hence, we believe measures must be taken to reduce such numbers.

Here, we wish to look beyond providing quality mental health services in Denver, Colorado. We also aim to provide invaluable DUI prevention programs, among many others.

To shed light on drinking and driving dangers, here are some of its most common consequences:

  • Legal Consequences

    Driving under alcohol influence is illegal in most countries. If caught, you may face fines, license suspension or revocation, a mandatory alcohol education or treatment program, and even imprisonment. Repeat offenders often face harsher penalties.

  • Accidents and Injuries

    Judgment, coordination, and response time can all be compromised by alcohol intoxication. All of these factors make it much more likely that an intoxicated driver will cause accidents.

  • Loss of Life

    Perhaps the most troubling of all, drinking while driving can result in devastating outcomes, like death. Alcohol-related accidents are the leading cause of traffic fatalities. These tragedies impact not only the victims but their loved ones as well.

If you would like to access further information, such as help for substance abuse, or a recovery program in Colorado, we are at your service.

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