The Dangers of Enabling: How It Leads to Relapse


Enabling behaviors can be harmful in the journey of mental health recovery, impeding development and possibly contributing to relapse. Enabling is defined as actions or behaviors that unwittingly promote and maintain damaging patterns in people suffering from mental illnesses.

Enabling, while typically motivated by love and compassion, can unwittingly impair the recovery process. Enabling inhibits individuals from developing critical coping mechanisms and problem-solving abilities required for long-term treatment by protecting them from the consequences of their actions or taking on responsibilities that they should be managing themselves.

This reliance on the assistance and involvement of others provides a false sense of security and impedes the development of critical self-efficacy, self-confidence, and independence. Finally, this cycle reinforces the likelihood of relapse by making individuals unprepared to tackle problems in the absence of external enabling.

While loved ones’ support is necessary, it is also critical to strike a balance that promotes self-sufficiency and personal growth. Professional mental health services in Denver, Colorado, can help you recognize enabling tendencies and develop successful techniques for setting healthy boundaries that encourage recovery and long-term stability.

Professional therapy services help clients acquire the required coping skills, problem-solving abilities, and a sense of self-reliance. Individuals who focus on establishing internal qualities and increasing independence are better prepared to deal with challenges and maintain long-term mental health recovery.

Enabling actions may have good intentions, but they can harm an individual’s mental health recovery. Seek the assistance of professionals such as Spanish Clinic LLC to advise you on the right path to holistic recovery through a comprehensive recovery program in Colorado.

If you feel worried about the costs, you should know that we are a Medicaid Provider. You only need to take the first step toward holistic recovery. Reach out today!


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