Dealing With Domestic Violence in Relationships


Some numbers prove that domestic violence in relationships exists. According to the CDC’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, about 41% of women and 26% of men have experienced violence from their partners.  

Having experienced violence, victims will have difficulties establishing future connections and continue to face the effects of the abuse their previous partner has inflicted. A recovery program in Colorado will be very beneficial to them to relieve trauma and anxiety caused by abuse. 

If you or your new partner has suffered from the consequences of abuse in a past relationship, it will be ideal to seek help and solutions. As abuse and violence can affect you emotionally and mentally, you can reach out to our mental health services in Denver, Colorado. We will help you or your new partner cope and manage the traumatic experiences both of you endured. 

If you are experiencing violence or abuse with your current partner, it is time to know your rights and what you deserve. You deserve to be loved and respected. You deserve a healthy relationship. You may call local authorities and report the abuse you have experienced under your current partner. Afterward, you may also seek our therapy services to cope with the experienced abuse. 

Our services at Spanish Clinic LLC will benefit those victims of any form of abuse and violence. We help people overcome their traumatic experiences from their relationships. Thankfully, we are also a Medicaid provider. Get in touch with us, start a life free from trauma.

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