Understanding Parenting in the 21st Century


Today’s generation responds more to reason over authority and tradition. Thus, parents might have to change their way of teaching discipline to their kids. If you have a Gen Z kid, it might be the right time to change your parenting skills.

In other families, teaching discipline to children is through spanking. Thus, the traditional way of teaching discipline can be a form of domestic violence among children. This is a dangerous form of teaching discipline, as the abuse they might get causes traumatic experiences, mental health issues, and loss of trust in their parents. 

With today’s generation, children and adolescents might gain trust towards parents through rationalization or reason. As parents, it is necessary to understand the logic behind your children’s actions and mistakes. Giving them logical reasons will help them question their morals and understand their mistakes. If they continue to make the same mistakes, it will be best to give soft punishments, use reward systems, give consequences, and show appreciation if they are improving. In addition, our recovery program in Colorado allows you to learn new techniques to teach discipline and allows positive mental health in your home as a result.

If you have problems dealing with your children, our mental health services in Denver, Colorado, will help your family regain a healthy relationship with each other. Do not resort to aggressive ways of showing your parental skills. Allow our experts at Spanish Clinic LLC to help deal with your family matters. 

We are also a Medicaid provider and a clinic that uses the Spanish language. For more information about our clinic or services, please contact us.

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